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Carmen Sterba is a poet and an Asian culture enthusiast who grew up in the Pacific Northwest area of South Puget Sound surrounded by lakes and Douglas Firs. She studied and taught in Japan for 32 years, where she graduated with a B.A. in Far East Asian Studies from Sophia University in Tokyo and finished an M. A. in Humanities with a focus on Literature at California State University in 1995. As an award-winning haiku poet, she has been both secretary and first vice-president of the Haiku Society of America and an editor for the online haiku journal haijinx. With Lidia Rozmus, she edited The Moss at Tokeiji: "A Sanctuary in Kamakura that Changed Women's Lives 1285-1902." She prepared two chapbooks: sunlit jar and An Amazement of Deer. The sunlit jar was published by Wim Lofvers in the Netherlands and An Amazement of Deer was published by Cascade Deer Press in University Place, WA. Carmen Sterba is the photographer and main haiku poet and Dianne Garcia is the editor. Thanks to the 20 selected haiku poets.

Not Black and White

Passing by the old Cedars, we see half black and white feathers scattered on the ground. Inspecting them, we identify that they belong to a Mourning Dove. Wondering what kind of animal would attack like this, we consider a cat or a Raccoon. It could not have been one of our neighbors, the Mule Deer since they are Vegetarians. The unknown question is why couldn’t it fly away? The family of Mourning Doves has vacated our field for good.


wayward wind

as usual the dove

coos true



Haibun (prose and haiku) and Photo by Carmen Sterba