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The Deer I used to See

we will never forget

life goes by

there are animals we miss

all of our days

Prince the buck with his first antlers
Nancy would let me be right near her. She has the biggest eyes among the does
Theodore liked to come up by the house
The bulldozer stopped. Nancy’s first daughter, Nellie knows things are changing
Ned is a twin. He was looking for the other bucks in the snow


Not Black and White

Passing by the old Cedars, we see half black and white feathers scattered on the ground. Inspecting them, we identify that they belong to a Mourning Dove. Wondering what kind of animal would attack like this, we consider a cat or a Raccoon. It could not have been one of our neighbors, the Mule Deer since they are Vegetarians. The unknown question is why couldn’t it fly away? The family of Mourning Doves has vacated our field for good.


wayward wind

as usual the dove

coos true



Haibun (prose and haiku) and Photo by Carmen Sterba